Premier Annual Summit on
Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health

Star Conference Inc proudly presents “Premier Annual Summit on Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health” during May 19-20, 2022/ Toronto, Canada., as Virtual Speaker.

The conference mainly focuses on Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychological syndromes, and therapies 

This conference is primarily focused to discuss the future of the Psychiatry, mental health, advancements, therapy, and issues we are facing in the field of psychiatry with mutual collaborations an organisational development; with the theme “Impact of mental health in a changing world”.

Collaboration & Intuitive Living
Amazon Number #1 Best Sellers Australia and International

This book shares the personal experiences and tools of visionaries, cultural change makers and way-showers who have transformed their competitive, fear-driven mindset into one of collaboration, heart-centredness, and love.
This book explores four areas of collaboration, starting with the collaboration with Self. We move into collaboration in community, collaboration in business, and finally inquire into the tools to collaborate with spirit, the ultimate collaboration, underpinning our very existence.
From an evolutionary perspective, this book contextualises the massive shift from the old Piscean paradigm of competition, comparison, and greed into the Aquarian age of connection, collaboration, and community.

Intuitive Living

A practical guide for women who want to deeply trust themselves

No more second guessing, doubting, putting everyone else first, and getting sucked into the beliefs, realities, and projections of others.

It is time to live in alignment with our own values, develop deep self-worth and not only recognise but also trust and act upon the whispers of our intuition.

Meet 25 international thought leaders, including world renowned human behaviorist Dr John Demartini, who live from a place of deep listening and alignment. Discover their tools so that you too, can begin to tap into the magic that unfolds when we listen to our intuition.

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