Connecting with your Higher Self will always bring you clarity and understanding.

Always know that with any healing, it is ongoing and your dedication to self is how you will achieve your results--- "Teach your mind to trust your heart. Then your emotions will be lifted into a greater understanding of self. Then your physical self will take a healing journey so you can then embody your Higher Self". - Katerina

Welcome to Be Your True Self

Meet Katerina, the expert Spiritual Mediator and Evolutionary Life Coach who specializes in integrating spiritual awareness into daily life. With her extensive knowledge in light language, crystal light bed therapy, EFT Tapping, and Emotional and Mental Mindful therapies. She is also a natural psychic/ medium/ Intuitive who uses these tools to offer you more clarity and understanding. She has a deep understanding of how to help you with your shadow work to unravel all that does not work for you.

She embarked on this journey of a  lifetime when she decided to receive mentorship from her spirit team and the galactic star nation of light in 1994 which guided her to start her Ascension journey in 2007. She currently continues her evolutionary journey of self. 

Now she leverages the support of her Blue Diamond Celestial Team, a universal life force that has helped her for 28 years and more to transform her own life and now is passing on her knowledge and wisdom to others who wish to explore their own lives. 

Katerina doesn’t shy away from the fact that embarking on this journey requires a great deal of commitment and determination, but with her guidance and a lifetime of experience, she will help you understand the key elements that contribute to a fulfilling life, such as love and support. She is here to help you every step of the way because she is confident that the journey, although challenging, is rewarding. 

Katerina’s purpose and mission is to help you discover the essential tools to navigate your inner world and accomplish your daily goals. Her clients establish a profound understanding of themselves and experience the added benefit of a wonderful relationship with their higher self and spirit guides, resulting in greater clarity and purpose. This will help you to understand your shadow and how you unravel it to activate your light codes to manifest your grandest light of self-love and self-worth.

As a compassionate and skilled mentor, Katerina expertly holds a loving space for her clients on their journey of self-discovery, empowering them to stand in their power confidently. After working with Katerina, you will feel lighter, brighter, and more self-assured in your self-awareness.

Katerina is a dedicated space holder who loves to help her clients discover the beautiful outcomes that will bring them to their aha moments. With over a decade of experience, she has honed her skills to become a full-time business owner. In 2016, she left her corporate life to become the CEO and founder of Be Your True Self.

She is committed to giving you a nurturing and safe place to explore and embrace your humanity with happiness and achievement. Katerina helps her clients achieve their clarity and ability to connect with their higher selves and navigate their ascension process with a greater understanding. What is important for Katerina is to ensure you are discovering all of your hidden treasures to assist you in manifesting your positive outcomes in your everyday life.

Katerina is a Co-author of three amazing books by Hille House Publishing, takes part in Speaking Panels, and offers Facebook lives to help you with healing and an understanding of the current energetic downloads and activation, all this and more to assist you in your evolutionary growth of self.

Katerina invites you to connect to discuss how she can help you. Please use the provided link, this will take you to her business booking calendar. I want to let you know that this is not a session but a discovery call. Book Now:

Thank you for visiting my page and please have a look around. I have so much to offer you that will help you create ease and grace.

From my heart to yours, may you have a blessed day.

Katerina Lenarcic

Blue Diamond Celestial Support Team

Always remember to Be Your True Self

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