To embody your higherself to live the highest version of you on planet earth

To Embody your Higher Self is to Live the Highest Version of You on Planet Earth- Blue Diamond Heart

Katerina Lenarcic is a quantum light master and activator working with universal life energy and the owner and founder of Be Your True Self.

She loves to communicate with her high selves, Blue Diamond Entourage, who have helped her
in the last 30 years to establish a strong and safe connection and she has learnt to master her
own understanding of Self.

Welcome to Be Your True Self a place where you are safe to explore your inner world without fear and judgment.
A journey that takes commitment and determination. With Katerina’s guidance you will learn to raise your understanding about what keeps you stuck and limited.
Your courage and strength will carry you into the best version of yourself so you can remember how you are the master of your own light/life.
Her purpose is to assist you in establishing a relationship with your Higher Self, so you are activated to remember your Unique Self. She will assist your Higher Self to understand your Humanity. This will bring joy and abundance into your life. You will learn so much about yourself, a knowing that goes deep into your own heart.
This process will enrich you and bring you to who you want to be.
This will show you how to respond and make decisions in your life that will bring love and support and help you to manifest your heart’s desires.
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