To embody your Higher Self is to Shine your Grandest Light

Celebrate the process of your Evolutionary Growth of Self because your Higher Self and Spiritual Guidance are celebrating you

Katerina is an Evolutionary Life Coach/Mentor, Quantum light Master, and  Activator who is working with Universal Life Energy to raise the frequency for humanity and Planet Earth.  

She loves to communicate with her higher selves, Blue Diamond Entourage, who have helped her
in the last 30 years to establish a strong and safe connection to her understanding of self and become the master of her own light.

Welcome to Be Your True Self a place where you are safe to explore your inner world without
fear and judgement.

A journey that takes commitment and determination. With Katerina’s guidance, you will learn to
raise your understanding about what will give you a positive life, one that will bring you love and support. 

Katerina gives you a safe place to re-discover your connections to your higher Selves and Spiritual Guidance.  Her Intuitive nature takes you on a journey into your own interdimensional energy field where you are assisted in discovering your own intuitive mastery.

You will establish a  profound relationship with your higher selves which will bring you clarity and a feeling of greater purpose to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. You will leave her feeling lighter, brighter, and with the courage to stand in your own power of understanding.

Katerina uses her skills as a Reiki Master, Light Language Specialist, and Crystal Light Bed practitioner with Sound and Frequency to connect you to your universal life energy. With her Life Coaching skills and her understanding of the human journey, she is able to help you to integrate all of your awareness into your everyday life. Her knowledge and connections to her Universe will assist you in discovering your own connection to your Universal Life Energy.

She is a Co-Author of two #1 international bestsellers Collaboration: Visionaries share a new way of living (2021), in which she shares her journey of connecting with her Higher Self. Intuitive Living:  A practical guide for women who want to deeply trust themselves (2022) She shares her experience with her Intuition and how she learned to go within and discover her connection to her Universal Life Energy. – Hille House Publishing


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