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Inc Crystal Light Bed & Reiki Healing

Crystal Light Bed Healing & Reiki Healing

Use light and color frequencies that are connected to each of your Chakra systems.
The experience can range from a calming and relaxing session to a life-altering healing experience, particularly as one becomes aware of the energetic connection with the Divine.

Most people who have experienced a Crystal Light Bed
Therapy sessions report a sense of feeling lighter and more energized

Anxieties are lifted to give you calm and ease

Each session you are removing Black Goo from your Chakra System

Feelings of having love and support around you during your meditation

Improved sleep patterns

Feel much more energized

Realigns, centers, cleanses and corrects the spin of  each chakra

Removal of Dark Entities and Negative Energies

You will leave feeling lighter and brighter and feel deep relaxation during and after your session

Releasing of past life traumas, attachments, cutting cords that do not serve you in this life

Helping you to achieve grounding and balance 

Arrive with your intentions to make the changes you are seeking

All sessions are designed for your personal transformation

I had a wonderful session Energy Light Bed Remote Healing. I zoomed with Katerina from the comfort of my own bedroom in the U.S. She had me set up the phone so she could see me and I laid down with my crystals around me that I choose. Did some deep breathing while listening to music. She had me use headphones then relax and let go. I imagined myself lying under the lights and connected with them. I could see bright colors and felt myself there lying under the lights. Once in meditation I was off on a journey of remembrance seeing visions of my self as a child in a past life. I was in a very good place nothing traumatized. I also saw stars and astral traveled. Then after the music was over we discussed what I experienced. She connected with the angels and explained what she saw and the messages that were given to her for me. Great experience I would do it again.

Lisa USA (Distant Healing via

Psychic/Medium/Channel and Light Language Healing Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Higher Self Connection Session

60 mins $180 AUD

90 mins $250 AUD

All sessions are designed to give you a Safe Place to take your next step into your deeper self of clarity and understanding

“Your Education of self is your power and protection, your light gets stronger when you listen to your Intuition. You are the Master of your Light”

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