SELF-CARE – What does it mean to you?

What does SELF CARE mean to you? We all have our own interpretation and how it feels for our own process during this time of our Ascension into our Higher Self.
Here are some tips to help you today.
– Honoring myself for how I want to be seen
– Who sits at my table? Who will I allow into my space?
– Looking at my integrity and self-respect
– Being kind to myself when I do not have an understanding of the bigger picture
– Learning to understand that one step at a time is healthy and a lot more productive
– Looking after my emotional and mental health is so important to me
– My decisions and actions will move me forward, so what am I doing to bring balance and understanding?
SELF-CARE is all about trusting my instincts when others don’t agree because we all have our own interpretations and answers. Knowing in our hearts that our love for our Evolutionary Journey is just our own and I respect others for theirs.
Much love
Be Your True Self
Blue Diamond Team
1 February 2023 ©
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