Trusting your intuition is a journey of self-discovery, a knowing that what you are hoping for will manifest in your everyday life. An inner journey we all must venture into if we are to understand how this works for us. The magnificence of it, the amazing discovery of witnessing your successful outcomes into something tangible and human. But sometimes our fears and limitations stop us from listening. That is why your higher self and your intuition encourage you to feel into your quietness so you can hear your inner voice. Where you are creating each step of your journey.

I refer this to our Inner GPS, we set out to unravel and learn more about how we can embody our higher self and our ability to be independent in our thinking and have the freedom of achieving our grandest dreams. All this without fear and judegment from ourselves and from our external world that certainly wants us to feel limited and have a lack of understanding about our strong intuition. Your inner voice already understands your journey and it will bring to you all you need to create a life without fear and judgement.

Now listening to our deeper voice can be scary, can bring on doubt, and have us be in fear about what others might say or do to us if we decided that our intuition is right, but let me tell you, my friend, your intuition cannot be wrong because your universe will show you how right you are. Trust that deep feeling when It speaks loudly and says to you “listen to me and don’ be afraid.” It is just the lack of understanding you have that will limit your knowledge of how brilliant your natural intuition is.
Gather your strength and your sense of determination to raise yourself above your fears and judgments because you are so worthy of knowing how your intuition works for you and not against you. Trust your intuitive process, I promise, you cannot mess anything up that is meant for you. It is a place where you can discover all of your hidden treasures.

Copyright Katerina Lenarcic  2022


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Brainz Magazine June 2022  

Published THE JOURNEY OF WORDS for March 2022 Edition for The Art of Grace Publishing

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