I am sharing my vulnerability because I know there is someone out there who needs to read this and know that you are not alone in your evolutionary growth of self.
Today I took deep dive within my own darkness to find out why I don’t have the answers right now to know what to do about a situation that is challenging me.
I went into my own royal divine messiness to just sit and be with the energies of unraveling and understanding. I still don’t have all the answers, but my universe said “THAT IS OK, YOU ARE NOT MENT TO KNOW EVERYTHING EITHER”.
What I have learned today is that this space of my Messiness is how it should be right now because I am healing something that is very deep within my own ancient self that will merge into this world with so much light and strength. I am connecting with those who I resonate with and isn’t that what we are all being shown to do?
The assumption of not helping myself reared its ugly face and it helped me to see that “assumptions” is not a healthy way to be. I am a person who has always taken on what I need to see and feel and do in order to understand and expand on my own Life’s purpose and today the Universe really showed this to me. I am grateful for this moment of my own awakening. I am always helping myself, I am not here to please anyone else but my own beautiful self because I have spent all my life pleasing everyone else but myself. And the result of that has been toxic for me.
So the universe said to me: ” you are helping yourself in ways that will help you to continue to discover your grandest light and this will also help many others, and that is why we/I Love You. When this darkness alchemizes into your light your answers and purpose will have a whole new meaning and you will once again receive all I can offer you to make it happen in your physical life” – Well this really helped me to feel excited again about knowing I am on the right path.
Then I had to lay down and close my eyes to allow myself to move through it – What a day !!!!!!!! Once I got up I feel like I am grounded and ready to take on my next step.
So all of you who are a part of my current growth, thank you, I love you.
Copyright Katerina Lenarcic October 2022
Inspired Creators – My Chapter is called ” A Beautiful Messy Creation” and so for my words to be felt, I must experience the energy. This is who I am
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